GOTizzle — Season 8 Finale

It turns out that Jamie survived the castle crumbling on him, but lost his other hand. He nurses himself back to form in a Rocky style montage to the soundtrack of “Turn Down for What” by DJ Snake and Lil Jon, then shows up back at the castle. Bran sees Jaime, looks at his missing extremities, and says “crips gotta stick together,” then making Jaime the new hand of the king. Jaime and Bran meet at the top of a high tower to plot their next move, but Jaime grows so annoyed at Bran’s deadpan delivery and LSD-addled outlook that he pushes Bran off of a tower once again. As Bran is falling to his death he looks up at Jaime and says in a voice too soft and monotone to hear “you’re no hand of the king.”