Week 10 — Commercial Mondays!

Commercial Mondays

Happy Monday everyone! In honor of everyone’s least favorite day, I’ve come up with a musical gimmick to help me through this long year of daily song production. Because I’ll be honest with you, I’m 10 weeks in with 42 more to go, and this is already starting to feel like a chore. Yet it’s not the actual act of creating the music that is the hard part. The hard part is getting started recording the music when watching just one more episode of Breaking Bad would be so instantly rewarding, or missing out on fun social activities because I have to push my nerd glasses up on my face and make music in my lonely room, or recognizing that I’m putting a whole lot of hard work into a project that isn’t making me any money.

So in an attempt to make my life easier and hopefully ameliorate some of the difficulties I just mentioned, I’ve decided to turn Mondays into “Commercial Mondays!” What this means is that on Mondays I am going to attempt to create a piece of music that could be used in a television commercial. The parameters of this are that the piece will be 30 seconds long and easy to digest. So on Mondays, I’m not trying to create groundbreaking musical art (I’ll leave that for Saturdays), I’m just going for something that sounds nice and somewhat familiar. My hope is that these Monday songs will be easier to begin (because I have more clearly defined parameters), take less time to create (because the song is shorter and usually simpler than other days), and will potentially make me some money down the road (yes you can use this song in your toothpaste ad, let’s draw up a contract).

So all of that was the backstory to my Monday, March 5th song aptly titled “Selling Out.” I hope you like it. But if you’re looking for something a little more artful or substantial, I’d suggest looking to March 9th or 10th. Enjoy.

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