This is a solo Jazz guitar arrangement I came up with for the Happy Birthday song. I play solo Jazz Guitar at The Afterthought Sundays from 11-2, so I wanted something to play for any birthday celebrators.

This is from 2011 when I performed Joe Pass’s version of the Jazz standard I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart at UALR alongside Brad Birge (bass) and Daniel Olah (drums).

These next two videos are of the Hip-Hop group “Epiphany and Tomorrow Maybe” which includes me (guitar), Epiphany Morrow (raps), Dee Dee (vocals), Bijoux (vocals), Paul Campbell (drums), Corey Harris (bass), and Miles Parker (keyboard).

More videos coming soon!



  1. I really loved your Jazz arrangement of happy birthday I was wondering if maybe you can put out tabs for it or maybe do a video lesson I would really like to learn it 🙂

  2. Glad to hear you are making some music for our short film “A Year & A Day”. I’ll send you some tunes that Jon Pousette-Dart also wrote or sang that could possibly be used in the film if you email me. Maybe you guys could write something together down the line. He’s a guitar player as well. Check out his song of the month for July “Better Man” and for the month of June “Stand By Me” that you can find on the home page…lower right.

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